Instruments for recalibrating our common knowledge about the environment

“Dusts are solid particles, ranging in size from below 1μm up to at least 100μm, which may be or become airborne, depending on their origin, physical characteristics and ambient conditions.”

Project Dusts Chambers attempts to exceed how we perceive, process and understand the reality of human impact upon the environment by looking at one element in the air - airborne dusts. The project investigates particulate matter as an information carrier of our social, cultural and economic cycles settled on a facade of cultural monuments over time. Dusts Chambers reveal the invisible scales of changing environment and make it perceivable by the human body. Thus, physical perception has the potential to act as a catalyst in our rediscovery of the interrelationship between dusts and culture, political choices, environment, individual decisions and our bodies.

Dusts Chambers attempts to navigate our attention to these phenomena through the visual, tactile and olfactory sensations. Dusts Chambers are time-accelerating machines which foresee our futures through dusts. They are interactive instruments which highlight the relationship between the human and non-human world. Exteriorised, uncontrolled and invisible processes of motion, transformation and contact take place within the devices and are rendered perceptible by the naked eye.

These chambers combine, separate, contain, release and act as filter entities for the dust could become the only collective trace we leave on Earth.

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