Adam Hudec is a researcher/artist/architect and PhD candidate at Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, focusing his multidisciplinary research on physical territory, often deconstructed by a set of data to reveal the unexpected and hidden anomalies. Operating at the intersection of art, science and architecture, interdisciplinarity became a tool to investigate hidden and invisible anomalies of the environment we are currently living in.

Adam’s working methods are guided by scientific knowledge which informs his artistic production about processes that engage and interact with the audience. Adam's education in art and architecture encompasses studies at The Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, The University of Hong Kong, The University of Brighton and Brno University of Technology. Adam's projects were shown on various international exhibition venues including Bi-City Biennale in Shenzhen and Design Biennale BIO 26 in Ljubjana.

His mission is to articulate questions related to environmental, social, political and ethical issues, while shifting the role and the boundaries of the discipline. Most recently, the newly established Dusts Institute became a research platform, leading Adam's practice towards a collaborative effort to re-claim, re-construct and to share a common knowledge about the changing environment.